no tools required

With no glue or tools required, assembling your Wineform literally could not be easier. Each component has been carefully engineered to slot easily but securely in place. View the icons below to see how quick and easy building your new wine rack is.

Assembling Wineform - 9 Bottles

general assembly tips

There are two types of Wineform parts, flats and forms. Forms are the ones that are not flat. Be sure to insert the two slotted sections together until fully seated. Once assembled, the Wineform can be used vertically (tall) or horizontally (wide).


adding a 3-bottle expansion kit

Begin with the Wineform configured as in Step 5 above, then simply repeat Steps 4, 5 & 6 until complete.

important - please read

Your good design sense also needs your good common sense!

We created the Vinsi Wineform to provide years of enjoyment in a carefully engineered design. However, to enjoy safe storage, presentation, and minimize any hazards, please keep in mind that this is a free-standing structure and does obey Sir Isaac Newton’s rules of gravity.

The Vinsi Wineform was designed from the ground up, and was meant to store bottles in the same manner. To maximize the inherent strength and stability, please load the Wineform from the bottom upwards to avoid unintentional tipping.

Also, it is recommended that while freestanding (i.e. when not placed alongside a wall or between two columns) your Wineform should not be built to more than 12 bottles vertically.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments, please contact us.

Thank you and please enjoy!