Brian A. Pollard  Vinsi Wineform, Designer & Founder

Brian A. Pollard
Vinsi Wineform, Designer & Founder


from our designer & founder

Vinsi Wineform was prompted by a call from a friend looking for "a stylish, functional, and affordable wine rack” for her new condo. As a fan of both wine and design, she assumed I’d know.

She was wrong.

I searched endlessly for a wine rack that ticked all the boxes. They were either really expensive, unattractive or not overly functional.

Starting with kitchen table sketches, Vinsi Wineform evolved into concept drawings, cardboard, foam core, and 3-D prototypes until we were ready to make the product come to life in original molds.  
Vinsi is a small, locally produced, independent manufacturer and we are delighted that you share our values and passion for wine.

From the team at Vinsi, we raise our glasses to you!

Reach out with comments or questions at, and you can be sure I’ll get back to you.


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Vinsi Design is committed to products that minimize their ecological footprint on Mother Earth.

With ongoing dramatic changes in our environment, the bee populations that are vital for plant health are disappearing. For the sake of future generations, once we reach profitability, 5% of all profits will be donated to protecting essential pollinator populations.

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