Ensuring the Safety of Your Prized Wine Collection

Storing wine is often not as simple as it sounds. If you are a serious collector, or someone that just appreciates having a good bottle of wine around, it is critical that you store your wine in a safe, sturdy rack. It is also important to take into consideration room temperature, humidity, and exposure to direct sunlight. Quality wine collections deserve quality storage and care. Failure to properly plan can result in a number of different ways in which your wine collection can suffer damage or harm.

How to choose the right wine rack for your home?

Wine racks are an ideal choice for preserving and keeping your wine/champagne bottles in proper order. Increasingly, racks are being made in functional and stylish designs that can be adapted and tailored to your own interior-decorating style. Modern wine racks come in a wide range of styles that often have unique features built-in. Modular designs are becoming increasingly popular as they can often be fitted around furniture, under cabinets, in your fridge, or kept free-standing on a counter. The designs can be striking to the eye and serve a major practical purpose of keeping your collection safe. 

Improve the safety of your wine collection

As we have described, wine racks can be purchased in a wide range of materials and designs.  A well- built wine rack will ensure the integrity of your collection and minimize degradation. Before making a wine rack purchase, make sure to take a careful audit of the space in your home. Figure out where the sun strikes your rooms as the seasons change, determine the best places to fit a rack, and make your purchase accordingly.

Find a storage location that has consistent temperatures

To store wine properly, it is important to find space in your home that has a consistent temperature.  Many wines appreciate a consistent temperature of around 55 degrees F. Trouble and degradation of your wine collection occurs when the bottles experience rapid, extreme, or frequent temperature fluctuations. On top of degrading the flavors, the expansion or contraction of the wine inside the bottle may push the cork out or cause seepage. So aim for consistency in finding the right place in your home to store your wine, and avoid areas where temperatures could change dramatically.

Create your own wine rack with a personal touch

Are you looking for an innovative wine storage solution? Do you have a large collection? If so, you can always retain the skills of a custom craftsman to design a wine storage solution that can adapt to your space. The craftsman can create a look that could be classified as wine furniture. Another, less expensive solution, would be to explore modular wine racks that can scale up or down depending on the size and scope of your needs.

Identify the right wine rack to fit your home

There are numerous varieties of wine racks available on the market today, and it is often daunting to find the best model for you.  You can choose from wood, metal, and abs plastic models that are virtually indestructible. In the main, it is always better to go for quality over low price, and high style over generic substitutes. The look of your home can actually be enhanced by the right wine rack, placed in the right place, and located in an area of consistent temperature.